Saturday, July 19, 2014

InSPIREd Sunday - St. Mary's

Welcome to this weekend's edition of InSPIREd Sunday.

Here is another example of spotting a tall spire from a distance.

Getting to this church was a bit of a challenge because of the railroad tracks. Trying to find the crossing required a few blocks of back tracking once I got into town. But it was worth it!

St. Mary's Catholic Church - Waverly, Minnesota

Backside of the church in the setting sun

Linking to InSPIREd Sunday - a weekly meme of religious architecture.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Good Fences - Grand Coulee

Recycled Large Wooden Spool Ends Fence - Grand Coulee, Washington
Linking to TexWisGirl's Good Fences meme.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

InSPIREd Sunday - St. John the Baptist

It has been a busy few weeks and I have been very remiss in visiting the InSPIREd Sunday participants. Tomorrow is out - it's an all-day travel day for me as I head back to Minnesota for a week. If I can get my packing done in a timely manner tonight, I hope to visit a few blogs.

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church - Bluffton, Minnesota

Sign for school that no longer exists

Please join us at InSPIREd Sunday - a weekly meme of religious architecture. All are welcome!

Monday, July 7, 2014

I Love a Parade - Part 2

I found my missing parade photos!! My camera started a new folder and I wasn't paying attention to what was on my SD card. I happen to take some additional photos yesterday and when I went to get them, guess what I found?! Hip, hip, hooray!

Our Turn is Next

Feeling the Cool (even got a water drop on the lens)

Ahhhhh! Refreshing!

Time to Soak Another Group
Since it got up into the low 90's today, I would LOVE to go do this part of the parade again.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Twisp Fly-in - Family Style

My sister, Karen, sent me a message last night. "Whatcha doing tomorrow?", she asked. I replied that we were playing golf in the morning and then hanging out around the house in the afternoon. "Why?", I asked back.

While George and I were out on the golf course this morning, plans were firmed up with Jim, my brother-in-law, this morning for them to fly over for a short visit. Cool! My sis and BIL live southwest of Seattle and we are on the eastern slopes of the North Cascade mountains - a five hour car ride away but only a 45 minute flight.

Here they come!

Doing the Fly-By First

Aligned with the Runway

A safe and smooth landing behind them, time to taxi to the parking area.

We're over here!

One of my sister's friends, Becky, also came along for the flight. George and I took them into town and we had a late afternoon lunch at the Twisp River Pub. Luckily for them, they didn't have to ride into town in this "classic" courtesy car provided by the airport.

Ain't she a beauty? But a ride in this is better than no ride at all!

It was fun to visit for an hour or so before it was time to take them back to the airport. No TSA hassles, no parking fees, just a little old country airport.

George helped Jim push the airplane out onto the taxiway and then Jim started his pre-flight checklist. I have flown with Jim before and he is a very competent pilot. I am not afraid to fly with him at all!

Push, George, Push!

Checking for water in the fuel
We said our good-byes and the trio took off.

They're up!


And away!

Until next time!
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